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      12 September 2020

      Door Astrid Timmers

      26 tips for a successful newborn photo shoot

      26 tips for a successful newborn photo shoot

      How do you make your newborn shoot successful? Surely that is not just the photographer? Read here what you can do to influence the success of a newborn shoot.

      With a newborn photo shoot you capture a new life. And of course this should not only result in great pictures, but also should be a memorable experience. When I tell people that I am a newborn photographer, they sometimes tell me that their newborn shoot has failed. This can be because of, for example, a restless baby. Sometimes however the photographer gets the blame. And that’s a pity, because in my opinion much can be improved in the preparation for a newborn shoot. This preparation ensures a relaxed baby and family, and leads to a higher chance of a successful newborn shoot.

      Are you pregnant and looking for a newborn shoot? Please read the tips below. They will help when you choose a newborn photographer, during the preparations and during the shoot itself.

      Tip 1. Start on time with searching for a photographer

      The quest for a newborn photographer that suits your wishes takes time. While you are already busy enough with baby’s bedroom, birth announcements, baby clothes, etc. To be able to make a really good choice is quite a lot of work. Make sure that this is not a last minute rush job. In addition, most newborn photographers have a pretty full agenda. For example, I am regularly fully booked for the next three months. I only take last minute requests if this really fits my agenda. So if you want to be able to book your favorite photographer, start 3-4 months before your due date with searching and booking. Are you due around the summer holidays, start earlier; Photographers also have a holiday and you will have a little more trouble finding an available photographer. Take a look around my
      of newborn photography to determine if I’m the right photographer for you.

      Tip 2. Decide where to do the shoot

      One photographer comes to your home for a newborn shoot, the other doesn’t. There is a convenience to doing the shoot at your home; You do not have to go outside, so it saves you a trip to the photographer. Often, however, there is a lot of space and light needed in the house to make a newborn shoot a success. When I just started out with newborn photography, I often came to people’s homes and the light and/or space was disappointing. That does not benefit the quality of the photos. That’s exactly why I’ve decorated my studio: I have perfect light, and all the space and materials to have the best conditions to make the newborn shoot succeed. As an alternative, I offer a lifestyle newborn shoot. I come to your home, but without all the items and props. So it becomes much more of a shoot in your natural environment.

      Tip 3. First, take a look at many photographer’s sites.

      Most newborn photos are naturally very beautiful. After all, you look at new life. However, the style varies hugely per photographer. You can only determine what you like, if you have seen different styles. So don’t book the first photographer you find. You will see, if you have seen several websites, that the style of the newborn shoot is a high influencer for the atmosphere of the photos. Of course you want a shoot that really suits you. Take a look at my
      to see if my style appeals to you. Click on the pictures below to click on newborn portfolio.

      Tip 4. Note the use of accessories

      When assessing a photographer, also look at the use of accessories (newborn props). Think of hats, dresses, caps, hair bands, flowers and so on. If the photographer does not show such accessories on his or her website, there is a reasonable chance that this will not fit in the repertoire. Most likely, the photographer does not even have such items in available. And so a photographer will not work with these props either. If you are looking for such pictures, look for the photographer that has those images on their website. If you can’t find it, call some photographers to hear if they can offer you this.

      Tip 5. Look at color use in the newborn shoot

      Also check out the colors a photographer uses. Are you a fan of bright colours? Then look for a photographer that uses that. They will have more experience working with these colors than a photographer who works with other color tones. Today, for example, natural earth tones are very fashionable. I also use it most, for example, brown, beige, cream, and pastel shades.

      Tip 6. What you see is what you get

      The style you see on the website is a good predictor of what you will get as a customer. If you comply with the above tips, you will get photos that match the style that you like. You can often agree with the photographer about the different poses you want. But everything depends on the baby during the photo shoot. In addition, it is never possible to make an exact replica of a particular image. Each photo is unique. To see how I edit a baby skin after the photo shoot I made a movie. In this


      you can clearly see what I brush away (the non-permanent blemishes on the skin) and how this takes per photo.

      Tip 7. Make sure you know what you’re getting

      Each photographer determines their own packages and services. This means that it is sometimes difficult to compare. Some photographers have a package containing a number of digital files (which you can use to make prints etc.), others also provide a photo album or harmonica booklet. Other photographers use a base price, where you have to pay individual photos and files separately. I distinguish the recording costs from the products you are purchasing, because the latter are very personal and therefore always different.

      Tip 8. Book on time

      If you have made your choice then book on time. Make sure you have clear agreements about the availability of the photographer. Unfortunately, I often get last minute requests from customers whose newborn photographer didn’t have time. Of course, you want to avoid this by clearly knowing that you can definitely go to the photographer.

      Tip 9. Communicate your wishes

      If you have special requests, please state them upfront, when making your reservation. A photographer can then respond, and indicate if something can or cannot be done. Then you can still decide whether you want to book with this photographer. If you only during or just before the newborn shoot you tell what you want, it is no longer possible to cancel and/or book another photographer.

      Tip 10. Discuss availability with your partner

      If you want your partner to be present at the shoot (which I really recommend), make sure that he/she is available on the day of the photo shoot. The shoot is not only a ‘functional thing’, it is also an experience, a precious moment together. For example, if the father has a busy job, or travels a lot, make sure he makes room in his schedule for the photo shoot. For example, I always do newborns on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately it sometimes happens that the father has to miss the shoot because he has to work again. For the shoot itself that is often not a problem, but of course it is quite as beautiful if the whole family can be present at the photo shoot. In my photo studio it is only possible on a weekday.

      Tip 11. Let the photographer know on time you gave birth

      If you have given birth, it is important to let this know to the photographer as soon as possible. The photographer keeps a place for you, but also has their own schedule. As long as you don’t let them know that you’ve given birth, the photographer also assumes that you haven’t given birth yet. They can therefore accept last-minute requests. And because a newborn shoot is always done within 14 days of birth (there are exceptions), it is important to quickly call in the birth. Then you can work with the photographer to look for an appropriate date for the shoot.

      Tip 12. Prepare yourself well

      Most newborn photographers do have an informational set to help you prepare for the photo shoot. Make sure you read this and act accordingly. It really helps you to make that perfect photoshoot! Below you’ll find some of the tips I always give. Pack the stuff you need one day in advance; that helps prevent stress on the day of the photo shoot.

      Tip 13. Limit consumption of coffee and carbonated drinks

      Sometimes babies can suffer from intestinal colic because the mother’s eats and drinks products that affect, for example, the gasification in the baby’s intestines. These include coffee and carbonated drinks, but there are even more products. I’ve found a list for you, it helps you in general if your child suffers from colic. Colic can make it difficult for your baby to go to sleep, which, of course, results in less beautiful pictures.

      Tip 14. Be on time

      It may seem like an open door, but arriving in time for the shoot is really important. Depending on the photographer and the package you purchased, a newborn shoot will take about 1.5-2 hours. That seems very long, but in practice it shows that you really need this time. Coming too late means taking less pictures. It’s that simple. Often the photographer has multiple appointments one day, and therefore no room for delay. And as a mother I know that leaving with a newborn baby can be quite a challenge…

      Tip 15. Ensure peacefulness

      Tranquility is the most important thing during the photoshoot. If you are stressed, your baby will notice that. A relaxed shoot is then more difficult to realize. That’s why tip we have 13, make sure you’re on time so you can start the shoot without any stress. I myself have often am present half an hour before the start of the photo shoot to clean up, get materials ready etc. It is therefore not a problem if you are early; so you can get acclimatized and relaxed in my studio.

      Tip 16. Leave the family home

      However much fun it can be for family members, the photo shoot should be done in peace. So with only father and mother, and possibly big brother(s) and sister(s). Sometimes it happens that the father is not present, then another (1) adult can come along. But leave the rest of the family at home. Every extra person present creates more unrest, and that really does not benefit the photoshoot. No more than 2 adults are allowed with us in the studio.

      Tip 17. Bring ‘quiet’ toys for children

      A photoshoot of two to three hours is very long for brothers and sisters. They also have to wait a great deal of time, and have to be quiet not to disturb the photoshoot. Therefore, make sure that they can play in peace. Optionally, one of the parents can also go outside with them, or together, for example, do some coloring. But keep in mind the time to fill, the brothers and sisters are not constantly in front of the camera.

      Tip 18. Take enough food with you

      Make sure you bring a minimum of 3 portions of food supplies (if you do not breastfeed of course). A baby sleeps more easily when he is satisfied than when he is hungry. Since some poses can only be dormant, and most people like to have pictures of their sleeping baby, you don’t want this to fail due to a shortage of nutrition.

      Tip 19. Make sure your baby doesn’t sleep too much before the shoot

      If your baby has slept a lot upfront, it’s hard to get him or her to sleep during the photoshoot. Therefore, if it is possible, do not let them sleep too much in advance. Chances are that the car ride to the photographer leads to a sleeping baby, but that doesn’t have to be such a problem. Young babies fall asleep easily more often a day, if they are tired enough.

      Tip 20. Choose your clothes with care

      Do you also take the picture? Choose your own clothes carefully. Do not use bright colors or wild prints, which distract the attention of the faces. It is better to wear white, beige, cream or black. Also check out my portfolio for ideas.


      Tip 21. Bring extra clothing

      During a newborn photo shoot, little mishaps happen. Because your baby wears no diaper for the larger part of the photoshoot, peeing and defecation immediately leads to dirty clothes. So make sure that you also have enough clothes to change, so you don’t have to keep wearing those dirty clothes.

      Tip 22. Go relaxed to the photoshoot

      Well, that’s easier said than done. If you have just become a father or a mother, the photographer will work with your baby. For some, this is a bit tricky, for others less. If you have chosen an experienced newborn photographer, then they know what they are doing. With me, the safety of the child goes above all. So no settings where the child can fall or be injured in any other way, but also no poses that I know are not good for newborns body. If your photographer resolutely refuses a pose, that is a sign that they take their profession seriously and puts the well-being of your child above all.

      Tip 23. Help the photographer

      Many poses and situations require a lot of patience and helping you relax your baby. Although the photographer is proficient in this, there is no better ‘relaxing medicine’ than mom and dad. So follow the photographer’s instructions to give your baby maximum peace. The more relaxed the baby, the better the pictures can be.

      Tip 24. Do not create photos yourself

      Most photographers do not want you to photograph yourself as well. The photographer invests a lot of time and money to be able to take these pictures. So you can purchase images from the photographer, and leave your own device at home. Also, a quick snapshot with the phone is usually not allowed.

      Tip 25. Don’t make an appointment following the photo shoot

      Don’t make another appointment after the photo shoot. It can sometimes happen that a baby is restless during the photo shoot and that I can only take the best pictures at the end of the photo shoot. I’d rather go on for a while, resulting in the perfect photo! So don’t rush.

      Tip 26. Does the photographer work hygienically?

      Make sure you know if the photographer you choose works hygenically. Are the materials used washed and cleaned? Are the hands regularly disinfected? Ask this or visit the photographer in the studio to ask or view it further. In a photographer’s studio you can quickly see if it is clean. Hygiene in a baby of about 2 weeks is very important.


      Tip 27. Why does a newborn shoot cost more than a regular photo shoot?

      The main reason is the amount of time that goes into a newbornshoot and also the investments that a photographer has to make in order to be able to perform newborn photography. For example, for a newborn shoot I need 2-3 times as much time for it than a “regular” photo shoot. In addition, I buy various materials that all need to be cleaned after use, the washing machine runs at full power after a newborn shoot! But the investment in training and courses is not free either. A good newborn photographer maintains her knowledge or skills by taking several courses/courses. In addition to these courses, I also follow the first aid for baby and child so that I can respond in a timely manner in case of emergencies if necessary.


      Tip 28. Don’t rush

      During the photo shoot, I want a rest. The more rest the better the photo shoot succeeds. I don’t work in a hurry during the photo shoot but always work towards that perfect picture of that pose. If you want to get through the photo shoot quickly, this creates a certain amount of stress on me and the baby. Sometimes it happens that I can’t do all the desired poses during the photo shoot because the baby is restless. Then accept this. Better some nice pictures of a relaxed baby than many hastily shot photos under time pressure.

      Tip 29. Enjoy!

      Perhaps the most important thing: a newborn photo shoot is also an experience, a moment you share with your new born baby. It provides you with a fantastic memory that you can show off with and which you can look back to for years to come. Then the memory of the event should better be very nice, right? That is why I always say to the new parents: “Enjoy your newborn photo shoot!”.


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