Baby and Toddler Portfolio

A child’s first years of life go so fast. The behavior changes, every time they can do a little more and also the face changes from day to day. These stages are super fun to capture during a baby or toddler photo shoot. How much fun is it to sit on the couch together and look back in a beautiful album? I am a photographer who takes pictures with heart and soul to make sure everyone in the picture looks exactly as they are. No fuss but real pictures! If this appeals to you, make an appointment quickly and we will make a beautiful photo shoot together that we will forever capture in a beautiful album.

Baby Photo Report Xanna

I have captured this little girl on camera already many times. It is such a cheerful child and it is always a thrill to be able to photograph her. Also with mum and dad in the studio we always have lots of fun. See you soon! Are you following me on social media?...
Are you still unsure if your children want to take a picture? No need to! I am very experienced and have endless patience, also with your children. With my experience and many training courses in the field of dealing with children, I always make sure that your child also playfully comes to the picture. I don’t like forcing them because this always creates frustration in children. Let a child be themselves and we make it a beautiful photo shoot with a super photo album as a result.

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