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      A photoshoot is a special occasion for everyone to take a moment to think about. In the studio or on an ourdoors location I am will capture beautiful memories for you. You are pregnant, you just gave birth, or your toddler is in a huge development phase. All beautiful moments in life that are also passing by so quickly. Are you also so busy with work and other fun social commitments? Do you value me helping you to make a beautiful memory that results in a beautiful wall decoration or photo album? I would like to help you to put together that beautiful memory for you.

      NEWBORN Photo shoot


      In my style of photography, I would like to capture your baby the way he or she really is. In the time that we have (approx. 2 hours), I capture your baby in different poses. I make use of special wrapping cloths. The materials I use are of soft colored, such as earthy tones, brown shades, beige and gray. I am also a big fan of black and white pictures.

      During the photo shoot I make the most pictures on a large cushion with large cloths over them. The baby is very comfortable and safe. In addition to this large cushion, you can also use a basket or a crate (1 per photoshoot) that I have in the studio. In a newborn photo shoot, your baby is the most important model. But the first few weeks is also a beautiful time that you as a family go through. That’s why you always get the possibility to pose with the whole family. I often hear the mother say she doesn’t feel quite well for a photo shoot yet, but because this is a special moment I recommend to all parents to do so anyway. Trust me, I’ll make sure you look great on the photos.

      Are you interested in a newborn photoshoot in my studio? Then I recommend you to look at my portfolio. If my style of photography appeals to you, we will match together!


      “Baby is already perfect, you do not need extra things to make the photo beautiful”

      BABY Photoshoot


      The first years of a child up to 2 years of age pass by incredibly fast. Their face, hairs, expressions in their face and character change from month to month. Because we are all very busy with our work, family and all the other fun social activities, we also forget these short phases of our children’s lives very quickly. With a photo shoot you capture these moment and you have a nice product to look back time after time again.

      During the photoshoot of your toddler I make pictures in my studio or on an outdoor location. My style of photography is quite natural, I use many natural colors, like earth tones, beige and grey, for example. I have a few small wooden toy blocks with which I let them play. These toys are made of wood in natural colours. I want to put your child on the picture as natural as possible. A new “natural” colored onesie without text is actually sufficient for the photo shoot. Thus, the attention of the photoshoot goes to your child and the photo remains timeless and you can still keep it on your wall after 30 years.

      “Babies natural Beauty”

      PREGNANCY Photoshoot


      You are pregnant and your body changes. Many women then doubt about their bodies during this period. I am convinced that everyone can be captured really beautiful with a little help from the photographer. I’ve also been pregnant myself (so I know how it feels) and now realize how special that time was. When you feel insecure, simply tell me so I know and can guide you through the photo shoot. During the photoshoot I always take a break for a cup of coffee or tea. My mission is to take pictures that you feel comfortable with and that matches who you are.

      A pregnancy photoshoot I plan between 32 and 35 weeks of pregnancy because your belly has the most beautiful curves then. When you choose a photo shoot in my studio you have the choice of various background colors. When you choose an outside location, the surroundings (forest area or home situation) determine the atmosphere of the photos that are taken.

      “My mission is to take beautiful photos that make you happy”


      Besides the photo shoots in the studio I like to make photo shoots of families on location. I am a real outdoor person and I like to take a walk outside with my family. Even more than adults, children feel the freedom of being outdoors. That’s why I like to photograph children outdoors on location. Outside, you can see the happiness on their faces. We are not going to make a static portraits, but rather spontaneous pictures while you play with the children. As the children are free and spontaneous, that’s how you want to remember them. So book a photoshoot and experience that spontaneous feeling!

      “Spontaneous family photos, experience the free feeling in nature”

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      Because I think it is important for people to acquire learning experience in practice, I have signed up as a recognized learning company. Personally, I also like to share my experience. It is therefore possible that a trainee is present at the photoshoot.

      This beautiful association aims to professionalise Newbornfoto-graphy in the Netherlands and Belgium and to maintain the knowledge and quality of the professional photographers as well as to develop them further. Working safely is their main objective.

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