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      How does a pregnancy photo shoot work?

      You’re pregnant. A phase in the female body that is only short-lived. A special change where you feel your baby growing and moving in your belly. So special so unique. With a pregnancy photo shoot you can capture this special moment. A pregnancy photo shoot is capturing your belly and of your family.

      Photo shoot with how many weeks?

      A pregnancy shoot is made between 32-35 weeks pregnancy. Book in time at about 4 months gestation so you definitely have a place in my calendar.

      Why a photo shoot with 32-35 weeks pregnancy I hear you think! The main reason is that your belly is the most beautiful round during this period. Your baby may already be descending, but the longer you wait, the more the baby will descend, with the result that your belly will deform (the bulge is flattened). The second reason is that during this period you still feel fit and you can still move easily without too many aches and pains.

      Location or studio photo shoot?

      In a pregnancy photo shoot you have the choice of a location or a studio photo shoot (not both). The choice is very personal.

      A photo shoot in the studio is more styled and a photo shoot on location gives more the feeling of freedom. Check out the examples on my website to make a choice. A photo shoot in the studio is more styled and a photo shoot on location gives more the feeling of freedom.

      Location photo shoot

      When you choose a pregnancy photo shoot on location this is possible in a forest area or park but also your own home is a possibility. Travel expenses within 15 km of my studio address are included in the price.

      The choice of clothing for a photo shoot on location depends entirely on your wishes. As soon as you book a photo shoot I send you an extensive clothing tips brochure. If you have any questions or doubts about your chosen clothes, you can always contact me.

      Photo studio

      With a photo shoot in my studio, the atmosphere is of course different than with a photo shoot on location. In the studio I don’t use dresses or anything like that but you wear your own clothes you want to wear during the photo shoot. I love personal photos that are really the way you are. When you have booked the photo shoot you will receive a detailed description of the photo shoot with the accompanying clothing tips.

      In my studio you can choose from different backgrounds such as brown/beige/white/black or grey. In the photo studio we can play with light which gives beautiful effects with shadow and light. Just look at the examples on my website.

      After the photo shoot?

      After the photo shoot I go to my computer to edit the photos I sometimes get the question why do the photos need to be edited? I have a video on this website so you can see what I need to edit on the baby skin (see video baby skin edit). I’ll make sure the photos are fully edited and then I’ll put them online for you on your own page. This way you can view and order the pictures at home from your couch. After your order I prepare a nice album for you and I will send it digitally to you for review. When the photo book is approved, it will be ordered and you will be able to pick up the photo book in the photo studio about 5 weeks later. I’ll make sure I schedule a pick-up moment.

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