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      Different photo shoots

      After a contact form has been completed, I will contact you within 48 hours. We will discuss the photo shoot in question or we will make an appointment in the studio to get acquainted.

      When you make a final booking I will send you a brochure of this photo shoot so that you can prepare yourself well. In this brochure there are tips or advice on clothes, for example.

      Depending on which photo shoot you want to book, the information on my website has been further elaborated. Read more about the photo shoot below.

      Pregnancy photo shoot

      Where you want to make the pregnancy photo shoot, in the studio or in a nice outdoor location in the Eindhoven area, depends on your preference. Both photo shoots are very nice as a beautiful memory, but the atmosphere in both photo shoots is really different. Take a look at my portfolio in advance to get a better image of what you like.

      The photoshoot is meant for you as a family. So your partner and any children will also take part in the photo. The photoshoot is only for your family, so any other relatives or interested persons cannot attend the photo shoot.

      On location

      With an outdoor photo shoot you can choose a photoshoot within 15 km from my studio (5623 CB). When you choose a location outside this 15 km zone, travel expenses of €0.50 per km will be charged. A location where I regularly do photo shoots is the Old Lake (Oud Meer) near Son en Breugel (Sonseweg). For example, a more sturdy location is Strijp S in Eindhoven.

      You take care of bringing clothes yourself. My advice is to choose clothes that are neutral in color and without large patterns and texts. You do not have to wear the exact same color, but it is recommendable that you wear colors that match well (more information you will receive in the information brochure when booking the photo shoot).

      If you want to take something for the baby to the photo shoot you can make the photo shoot a little more personal. Think of a maternity necklace, first booties, teddy bear, etc.

      In the studio

      When doing a studio photoshoot you come to my studio in Eindhoven. Here I make use of various backgrounds. Favorite colors in a pregnancy photo shoot are black, white or gray. I don’t have any clothes/dresses in the studio because I want to keep the photo shoot personal. I do have 2 cloths that I use to partially pack/develop your body. In the studio, a white or black lingerie set is recommended to take with you. Also, a really nice effect is wearing very thin fabric that you can see through. This will emphasize on your belly, which is a really nice effect. Jackets or vests are also very nice as variation. When you put on a vest you can hang it off your shoulders, for example.

      A personal detail is always nice to take with you to the studio. Items that are often used in the photoshoot are socks, booties, cuddly toys, etc.


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      Newborn photo shoot

      At a newbornshoot I would like to receive your preferences or wishes in advance regarding the colors and the use of a possible basket/tray yes or no. When booking, you will receive a digital questionnaire on which I can take stock of your wishes in advance. I like to work towards a beautiful product of the photo shoot and i find it very important to give an unambiguous color/style image. In a photo album it is very nice when all the colors fit together in the entire album. Would you like to order a nice wall decoration for the house then see what kwa color fits with your interior and discuss this in advance.

      A newborn photo shoot is made within 8-14/21 days of birth. You’ll contact me within 48 hours of birth to schedule an appointment.

      Prior to the photo report I have received from you information what colors you like. With this colour scheme and wishes I’m going to set up all the things on the morning of the photo shoot. Upon entering we briefly discuss whether all things are to your liking. Then we undress the baby, only the diaper stays on, and you (preferably) will feed the baby. As soon as the baby’s done eating, I can start the photo shoot and take over your baby.

      During the newborn photo shoot it is very common for other family members to go on the picture such as mom, dad or possibly a little brother or sister. I always advise you to do this, even if you are in doubt.

      Due to the rest during the photo shoot, other family members and or interested parties may not be present at the photo shoot. The more people in the studio, the more restless it is for the baby. Leave everyone out of the family home and enjoy your family together. It’s a photo shoot, of course, but it’s also an experience!

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      Baby/toddler photo shoot

      A baby or toddler photo shoot up to 5 years can be done in the studio or on location. Up to 9-12 months it is recommended to have the photo shoot made in the studio. The photoshoot for a baby lasts up to 1 hour.

      For the choice of clothing I recommend soft colors without wild prints or patterns. You will receive more information when you book the photo shoot.

      On location

      At a location photo reportage you can choose a photoshoot within 15 km from my studio (5623 CB). When you choose a location outside this 15 km zone, travel expenses of €0.50 per km will be charged. A location where I regularly do photo shoots is the Old Lake (Oud Meer) near Son en Breugel (Sonseweg) or a more bolder location can be Strijp-S in Eindhoven.

      In the studio

      In the studio I use various colored backgrounds. During the photo shoot there is 1 color background (switching is not possible) that we use during the entire photo shoot. The use of colour of a single background gives an unambiguous photo series which is more beautiful in the photo album. Changing backgrounds takes too much time.

      In the studio I have some wooden toy blocks that we can use during the photo shoot. If you have your own neutral toys (not brightly coloured toys) feel free to take them with you.

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      Family photo shoot

      We are all busy but let’s not forget what is most important in this life, namely your family! A photo shoot that you all have fun and spontaneous on is my goal in a photo shoot. If you would like spontaneous photos and not those static “look at the lens” photos then you have come to the right place. I shoot with the help of small assignments to get not those static pictures but only spontaneous portraits. Do you want to know how I do that? Fill out the contact form together we go into the woods for a photo shoot with experience that you will never forget and look together on the couch in the photo album your beautiful memory.


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      After the photo shoot


      After the photo shoot I start selecting the photos and editing it. About 2-3 weeks after the photo shoot I put the most beautiful pictures for you online and these are about 20-25 photos. You can then pick out the photos at home on the couch or if you like this you can also come to the studio to make a selection together. Depending on how many photos you would like to order, you can choose from the photo package Beloved, Cherished and Admired.

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      Because I think it is important for people to acquire learning experience in practice, I have signed up as a recognized learning company. Personally, I also like to share my experience. It is therefore possible that a trainee is present at the photoshoot.

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