Baby photo shoot

A baby photo shoot is made in a heated and hygienically clean photo studio where I have everything on hand such as rugs, wipes, baskets, etc. With my eye for detail and angelic patience I will photograph your baby. In a natural setting with netural clothing, I take pictures of your child the way they really are. For children up to 1 year old

Of course, your baby/child’s mood will determine how the photo shoot will go. Some kids can be somewhat anxious, others like everything we do. By giving children the space to play and maybe eat or drink something, it makes them feel at home and also behave like at home. We’ll take all the time we need for this photo shoot so your kid feels at home in my studio.

The photo shoot can be made for children from 6 months to 5 years.

For a reservation the deposit is €150. After the photos are presented online you can decide which photo package you would like to order. You can choose from LOVED, CHERISHED or ADMIRED. The deposit costs will be deducted from the package you ultimately choose.

BABY Photoshoot

Photo reportage in the studio or on location (excluding travel expenses)

1 hour photography

Gallery with 20 photos to choose from

Photo Package options Loved / Cherished / Admired

If you are a regular customer, you will receive 10 discount on the chosen photo package with each new booking


On the day of the photo shoot you come to the studio where I turned on the heating beforehand if necessary so that it is nice and warm for your child. I make sure that the desired background color is ready for you and that we can start immediately when the baby/child is ready. When the child is a bit uncomfortable I’ll start by just chatting/playing so they get a little more confidence in me.

My style of photographing is mostly with the use of the natural colours brown/creme/white/black. For the entire photo series to be uniform, we choose the same color for all backgrounds (baby and family), creating a nice coherent photo series.



After the photo shoot I get to work with the post-processing of the images. I make a selection of about 20 photos that I edit nicely. Then I put the photos online so that you can view and select the photos at home. You can choose which photo package you want to choose in the end.




After the photos are online you can see for yourself which photo package suits your wishes. All photo packages contain a number of digital photos and a photo album. You can order additional photo books, wall decoration or digital photos.

Photos of your pride would like to show you to the whole world. You are proud, you are a parent who is in love with his or her child. Don’t hide those photos on the computer but show them!

After the photo shoot I will start selecting and editing the photos. I put the pictures of you online so that you can make a selection at home yourself and decide which pictures you would like to order.


Photo albums

Handmade photo books, a valuable reminder

Wall decoration

Show your photos to everyone

Digital photos and other gift items

Select and order the most beautiful photos yourself

View baby photos

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Because I think it is important for people to acquire learning experience in practice, I have signed up as a recognized learning company. Personally, I also like to share my experience. It is therefore possible that a trainee is present at the photoshoot.

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