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      Who am I?

      I am a mother. Perfectionist. Nothing is good enough for me. I give everything. And don’t like mediocrity. I take energy from the joy of all those fathers and mothers who have already preceded you in front of my camera. I have been working as a professional newborn photographer for 7 years now, I have already been able to photograph many hundreds of newborn babies, babies and pregnant bellies.

      I am also direct and honest. What you see on my website is what you get when you buy a photo shoot with me. That’s a pure, natural style. No frills, but focus (both literally and figuratively) on your baby. Little cloves, little fingers up to and including your baby’s crown, are the details I like to capture. This natural style shows with soft backgrounds, natural (earthy) colors and no distraction from your baby.

      People in my studio always find that I have endless patience with their baby. That I lovingly and with a lot of patience, make sure every baby is captured perfectly in a picture. And I have to say: we always succeed in that. It sometimes takes a bit more effort, but then we just go on a little longer. Because I do not do it half way.

      I always strive for a final result that you are happy with. Whether that is an eye-catcher on the wall, or a photo album to open countless times again; It should be perfect. That means I supply quality products from suppliers all over the world. Because only the best is good enough for you. You are worth it.

      In my free time I like to be outdoors. I like to go out with my Border Collie (Myra) to the forest in Son, near my house where I live with my husband and 2 sons. And in the evening I can help with physics or biology, I am supermom :).

      And I am emotional. I can cry at a funeral where I know no one. I empathize with other people. I have to take care of others. I like it when other people feel good. That’s what I live for. That’s why photographing babies suits me so incredibly well. In my hands, your baby is safe.

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      Astrid Timmers Photography

      Pisanostraat 55c (1st floor) | 5623 CB Eindhoven | Tel +31 6 – 52 62 89 18

      KVK 53937074 | VAT 1421.26.147.B02


      Opening hours:

      Monday: Closed | Tuesday to Friday: 9.00-17.00 hrs | Saturday: 9.00-14.00 hrs

      By Appointment only | Parking is available for free in front of the door

      Because I think it is important for people to acquire learning experience in practice, I have signed up as a recognized learning company. Personally, I also like to share my experience. It is therefore possible that a trainee is present at the photoshoot.

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